The Faur L45H is a mechanical diesel locomotive produced by the Romanian FAUR factory between 1967 and 1985. A total of 334 examples were built in four different gauges. A design feature of the L45H that seems almost bizarre nowadays is that the engine had to be mounted very high to accommodate the large gearbox. Since the front end of the L45H now occupied the entire height, it was necessary for two locomotive drivers to drive the machine at a time.

Due to its robustness and versatility, the FAUR was used in several European countries such as Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France (Corsica), Austria, Switzerland, Serbia, Russia and Italy. In Germany, there is still one roadworthy locomotive in Zittau with the number 018, which we have chosen for our Gauge prototype, but we also produce other colour schemes.

Technical data:

  • 2 Bühler motors
  • Injection-moulded two-component housing, suitable for outdoor use
  • Laser-cut and TIG-welded metal frame; cast metal fasteners
  • Digital decoder ESU 5.0 (available on request)
  • Curve radius R1

Scale 1:22,5

Length 440 mm
Height 136 mm
Wide 102 mm

Price*: 1,400 Euro

*All prices include 19% VAT as required by law in Germany. These prices are exclusive of decoder, delivery, packaging and shipping.

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