We´ll probably never grow up. Not really. Because, no-one who has played with trains as a child would ever give up this passion. And the only way we notice that we’ve grown up is that our demands to a perfect model railway has increased. More quality, new materials, new manufacturing techniques need to be used to achieve a result perfectly true to the original. But we’ll we never lose the enthusiasm, the sensitivity and this passion how we saw these things with the eyes of a child.

Track G

Perhaps this track is one of the most beautiful compromises between the original and the very small tracks. Details are more visible and thus make even more fun.

Track 1

Tracks for people with space in house and garden for great railway constructions. And here, a StahlRad model with all the details and perfect fidelity to the original should definitely become a part of that.

The displayed photo show our prototypes completely hand made. Eventual small irregularities will not occur in the series models.

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